Your Islamorada Fishing Guide to Mahi Fishing

If you plan an Islamorada fishing trip for Mahi Mahi, GameChanger Fishing Charter is your best bet! Nestled in The Florida Keys, the sport fishing capital of the world, we take pride in offering the best fishing trip experience to our customers. Rich in fish species, you can find yellowtail snapper or can go for tarpon fishing with our charters in the Florida Keys. Moreover, you can opt for Mahi Mahi fishing, which is one of the most popular fishing types among anglers.

With our updated charter and Captain Adrian, you get to experience all kinds of fishing, from inshore fishing and lobstering to offshore fishing. We offer all the different types of charters of varying amounts of time, party boat charters, snorkeling, and deep sea fishing where you can have a chance to catch Mahi Mahi. Catching a dolphinfish requires immense patience and speed plus it is a very popular activity in the Florida Keys. Therefore it is always advised to book your charters as soon as you plan your travel dates to have one of the best fishing trips of your life.


Catch Mahi Mahi in the Florida Keys With Easy Tips And Tricks

Catch Mahi Mahi in the Florida Keys With Easy Tips And Tricks, Islamorada Fishing  Mahi Mahi, also called dolphinfish, can be found all year round and at almost all the fishing spots in the Florida Keys including the Atlantic ocean, Everglades National Park, Pickel Reef, etc; however, catching one requires some extreme luck or professional tips and techniques. Mahi Mahi frequently swim in temperature breaks and offshore currents. Therefore, we offer offshore fishing charters for those who are keen on Mahi Mahi fishing. 

The most common approach for catching the fast-growing Mahi Mahi is trolling. It is a method of fishing where baits are lured through different fishing rods aligned at the back of a charter, moving at a consistently high speed.  Our experienced captain will guide you through various methods of trolling to catch Mahi Mahi. 

It’s critical to maintain the appropriate pace while trolling for Mahi Mahi because they are fast-moving and aggressive fish. Troll for Mahi Mahi between 2 to 9 knots, according to the captain. Changing speeds until you get a bite is a good idea, but consistency is more crucial. Excited about your Mahi Mahi fishing trips in the Florida Keys? Contact us now to hire our charter at competitive rates.

Ideal Spots For Mahi Fishing in The Sport Fishing Capital

Ideal Spots For Mahi Fishing in The Sport Fishing Capital, Islamorada Fishing   The sportfishing capital of the world, Florida Keys, has a high demand for Mahi fishing. It is almost the most popular fish among the anglers, and even the tourists, especially fishing enthusiasts, like to take the challenge. Just like blackfin tuna and yellowtail snapper, Mahi Mahi has a specific location where they can be caught. The following are some spots where you can look for Mahi Mahi:

  • Pickles Reef

While most of the reefs are restricted, Pickles reef is an exception. In fact, Pickles offers the best reef fishing trip. You can find Snapper, Grouper, Hogfish, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, and even Sailfish here.  

  • Islamorada Hump

There is no doubt that fishing in Islamorada is the best. With species like Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Balck Tuna, Sailfish, Marlin, Snowy Grouper, Yellowtail Snapper, and much more, Islamorada Hump will give you the best fishing experience.

  • Florida Bay

This is a dream spot for those who wish to go on Islamorada fishing trips. You can catch Snook, Redfish, and Trout in the Mangroves, while tarpon, Mahi, and Cobia in the depths. Florida Bay is also great for deep-sea fishing.

Your Islamorada Fishing Guide to Mahi Fishing, Fishing Charters
mahi mahi fishing, Islamorada Fishing

Best Time For Mahi Mahi Deep Sea Fishing

Best Time For Mahi Mahi Deep Sea Fishing, Islamorada Fishing   The best time to fish for dolphinfish is during the spring and summer seasons. Water currents have slightly warmer temperatures as compared to their surrounding areas. Mahi prefer warm water and thus seeks warmer currents. These currents allow Mahi Mahi and other offshore game fish to swim, making them suitable for fishing. Mahi Mahi can be found in almost all the famous spots in the Florida Keys. You can take our offshore fishing charter to experience the best fishing trips of your life. 

Locals, anglers, and our experienced captains suggest that the best time for fishing in Islamorada is summer, so it is best to plan your fishing trip around the specific season. Book our charters prior to your arrival so that you can enjoy a stress-free fishing experience. 


With our charters, you will also avail an experienced captain who can guide you through your Mahi Mahi fishing trip. Our captain knows all the best spots in the Florida Keys and will take you directly to your desired spot.

Why is GameChanger Fishing Charter Your Best Bet For Islamorada Fishing?

Why is GameChanger Fishing Charter Your Best Bet For Islamorada Fishing?,   If you are searching for a professional fishing charter in Islamorada, look no further than GameChangers Fishing Charters. Our charters are available all year round. You can either go for our private charters and customize the facilities or pick from our wide range of charter options, such as the amount of time your trip is scheduled to last and the types of adventures you’d prefer. We know that there is no other experience as surreal as fishing in Islamorada, and thus offer you a crew well aware of all the hot spots for fishing. 

Whether you want to go for the fast-growing Mahi Mahi fishing, tarpon fishing, inshore fishing, offshore fishing, or backcountry fishing, our fishing charters are suitable for every fishing trip!

GameChanger Fishing offers you the best and most customizable fishing charters in the Florida Keys. Book our fishing charters for a respectful and courteous fishing experience.