Mahi Mahi Fishing Islamorada

Mahi Mahi (Commonly known as dolphin or dorado) is undoubtedly a crowd favorite. Thousands of fish enthusiasts run offshore during the summer until they reach water that seems favorable for Mahi Mahi fishing Islamorada. When it comes to Dolphin fishing, There are many signs such as birds flying in the vicinity, seaweed, floating debris, and current rips that indicate whether or not dolphinfish are present in a particular area.

At Gamechanger Fishing Charter, we identify the right water first before taking you on-water adventure. We are known for trolling Mahi Mahi with various lures and baits along weed lines and current rips. We can also sight fish by placing the captain on the tuna tower and having a mate with live bait on hand. Are you already excited to go fishing Mahi Mahi in Islamorada? Book a charter now.

Catch Mahi Mahi in Islamorada

When you are fishing offshore in the Florida Keys, it’s common to come across shoals of Mahi Mahi, or dolphinfish. Dolphinfish hunt for food along with current rips and Sargasso weed lines, eating anything that fits into their mouths. The menu includes juvenile tuna, jacks, billfish, squid, octopus, shrimp, crabs, and even jellyfish.

While deep-sea fishing for Mahi Mahi, we at Islamorada Fishing use various techniques to locate these species for you.

How to find Mahi Mahi / Dolphin fish?

When our well-experienced captains and Mates go for mahi-mahi fishing, we look for small groups of birds that work together to follow fish as they wait for feeding opportunities.

When you hook one or more Mahi, the entire shoal will usually follow and settle in at the rear of the boat, ready to devour the bait you’ve thrown their way! Mahi-mahi is an excellent tasting fish and does not taste “fishy” or “oily.” 

When you return to the dock from your cruise, our team will click a picture of you with your catch. After you’ve finished taking photos, our crew will fillet your fish and bag it for you to take home or to eat at a restaurant.

Want to experience the thrill of catching Mahi Mahi In Islamorada this spring or summer?

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Catching Mahi Mahi with weed lines

Weed lines are the simplest thing to look for while fishing for Mahi Mahi. The weed lines are made up of Sargassum, a form of seaweed. Sargassum is an orangish-brown tint that forms a “weedline” offshore when it clumps together. Offshore weedlines can sometimes stretch for miles, providing a natural habitat for baitfish, Mahi Mahi, and other offshore game fish. They can be patchy at times, but you should try to find a definite line of Sargassum.

Where do you go to catch mahi-mahi?

Mahi Mahi is a popular fish found in temperate, subtropical, and tropical waters. They are most commonly found in waters that are between 20°C/68°F to 28°C/83°F in temperature. 

The Florida Keys, Florida’s Atlantic Coast, Costa Rica, Panama, Hawaii, gulf stream, and Baja California are some of the most popular areas for fishing enthusiasts to catch Mahi Mahi. Mahi Mahi is a surface dweller and is mainly found in shallow areas.

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