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What is more exciting than catching fish? It is so engaging when you lure the fishes with bait and wait for them to grab it. It helps you relax and unwind yourself after a busy day. Fishing in the sea is even more exciting as you skirt over the waves and ripples. Mahi fishing in Islamorada is one of the best ways to spend your weekend. You not only enjoy fishing but also catch your favorite dolphin fish. However, choosing the best fishing charter is crucial.

Which is the best charter for Mahi fishing Islamorada? There are plenty of fishing charters in the Florida Keys, but not all of them offer an excellent dolphinfish fishing experience. Gamechanger Fishing provides an excellent mahi-mahi fishing experience at an affordable cost.

Why is Mahi fishing exciting?

Mahi fishing is a little challenging in the Florida Keys as these are large fish and require effort to catch them. It is what makes fishing these fishes so exciting. They can jump a long-distance and fight hard once caught. The dolphinfish is a surface fish, but you have to visit about 15-20 miles into the sea and ripple through the exhilarating waves to reach them. Our crew in Gamechanger Fishing makes dolphin fishing full of fun for you.

How do you fish for Mahi?

Summer is the best time to catch Mahi fish. These are fast and aggressive, and that’s why fishing them is not easy. To catch Mahi, you need live bait to lure them. Many people simply hook a small fish and use it as bait. Mahi are attracted to floating objects like floating debris, weeds, boards, etc.

Anglers in the Florida Keys use these materials and toss the bait beside these things. However, when you fish with Gamechanger Charter, you don’t need to know many things to catch dolphin fish. Our experienced Captain knows Islamorada well, and he will make sure you know the best techniques. Schedule your booking now.

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What is the best bait to catch Mahi?

Mahi Mahi Fishing becomes much easier when you choose the right bait. You must be wondering what is the right bait for catching Mahi fish. Well, living fish are the best bait for catching this species. You can use live shrimp fish to catch mahi-mahi, and the boat will begin trolling around the beautiful gulf waters, following weedlines and floating debris.

Other effective baits, including squid, ballyhoo, and cut fish also lure Mahi fish. When you choose Gamechanger Fishing Charter for Mahi fishing, we will guide you through everything you need to know about dolphin fishing in the Florida keys.

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