Islamorada Mangrove Tour

Besides being titled as the sports fishing capital of the world, Islamorada (Florida) is known to provide magnificent views on mangroves, wildlife, and plenty of sightseeing activities. Imagine yourself paddling out to a scenic oceanside white beach paired with Caribbean turquoise water. The imagination itself is exciting enough, but that’s not all. Head towards the dark mangrove tunnels to get a sight of rare birds, sea turtles, sea stars, or you may be lucky enough to get manatees or dolphins. The Island Village, Islamorada, is just perfect for the eye-catching ocean and scenic bay views. 

Are you excited to explore the mangroves of Islamorada? At GameChanger Fishing Charters, we offer a range of adventure tours, including kayak tours, boat tours, etc. Call our captain to learn more or request a free estimation online!

Types of Tours In Islamorada Mangroves

Paddling through the mystical mangrove tunnels of Islamorada is a great adventure, and doing the same on a Tandem kayak or kayak boat can escalate the adventure to a great extent. At GameChanger Fishing Charters, we offer the following tours in Islamorada.


Backcountry Tours

Our popular day trip includes paddling through the pristine mangrove tunnels where you will encounter rare wildlife, sea stars, sea horses, and natural sightings.


Sunset Tours

A beautiful relaxing sunset tour includes meandering through the dense mangrove tunnels seeing mother nature at its finest.


Eco Tours

Explore the natural water bodies, mangroves of the Florida Keys on our exciting yet adventurous eco tours. Get a chance to see dolphins, manatees, crocodiles, and much more in a wild coral reef.


Night Tour

Kayaking with led lights looks fantastic when the stars are scattered all over the sky. In Night kayak tours, we ensure the utmost safety of passengers.


Boat Tours

Hire a trained captain or available boat rental for an adventurous boat tour through the mangrove tunnels of Islamorada.


Kayak Tours

Launch the kayak in the state park or the offshore bay; our kayak tours are organized under the supervision of experts to ensure the highest safety.

Species Of Mangroves Found In Islamorada

While there are over 50 species of mangroves in the world, you will find four species of mangroves in the Florida Keys. In Islamorada, you will see Red mangroves, buttonwood, black and white mangroves. Turn towards black Mangroves to see manatees and get more dense mangrove tunnels.

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Islamorada Mangrove Tour

Best Way To Explore The Mangroves Of Islamorada, Florida

Now, when you know all about mangroves in Islamorada, it is time to get there and admire the wonders of mother nature. At GameChangers Fishing Charters, we have multiple options for all ages of explorers. Talk to our captain for price or duration related queries.

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