Islamorada Mahi Fishing Report

The spring and summer months welcome plenty of Florida Mahi Mahi fishing opportunities throughout the gulf stream. Mahi Mahi is also called Florida dolphinfish. If you want to go Mahi fishing, the spring and summer times are the best times to catch dolphinfish. 

Here is the most recent Islamorada Mahi Fishing Report to help in planning for perfect dolphinfishing. Whether you’re coming alone, with friends, or with your family & kids, GameChanger Fishing Charter is always ready to offer the best-in-class Mahi Fishing experience with the safest techniques to ensure your protection.

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Islamorada Mahi Fishing Report

We have been catching Mahi every day in Islamorada near the hump and offshore. The Mahi have been caught in various depths lately. We have caught Mahi up to 36 pounds around the weedlines. Moreover, the size of Mahi might vary from school to school.

Mahi Mahi is one of the fastest growing fish; thus Islamorada Mahi Fishing Report always indicates opportunities for Mahi fishing year-round. There is usually a mix of smaller fish and big bull dolphin fish with square heads — however, the joy of getting into a good dolphin fishing location is second to none!

Tips For Offshore Mahi Fishing

Mahi fishing in the keys is considered the best game fish among other schools of dolphins. Dolphinfish in the Florida keys are often caught using trolling bait and lures. However, blind trolling in deep water enhances game fishing. 

Sometimes the captain also looks around to find birds and weed lines. Following the ocean signs can typically bring you to the fish you are looking to catch. We will teach you fishing and bait trolling techniques that can enable you to fish faster than just blind trolling. 

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mahi fishing
mahi fish

Where I Can Find Mahi Mahi In Islamorada?

Captain Adrian at GameChanger Fishing Charter loves to catch mahi mahi using various baits, hooks, and lures. We know one of the best methods for finding and catching these elusive fish is by using live bait, squid, and ballyhoo. Captain Adrian has been Mahi Fishing for a long time and is familiar with all the techniques to find Mahi Mahi. 

Additionally, we often look for birds, floating weed lines, floating debris, and other signs in search of large schools. While you enjoy watching a large school of beautiful species sitting in a feeding frenzy at the back of our boat, we will help you with bait and hook to catch Mahi.

How To Catch Mahi Mahi?

Though our expert guides will be there on the boat, guiding you about the jigs, hook, and baits for fishing here is how to catch Mahi Mahi in Islamorada. Professional anglers will always suggest you use the right bait when throwing bait to a school of dolphinfish.

Our captains will always take you where you can try fishing with live bait. Anglers come to Islamorada from throughout the world in search of the best fishing experience, and GameChanger always serves them. Are you planning to fish in the Florida keys soon? Call us now to book your charter.

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