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Do you want to experience something new and exciting in your free time? You may think of hitting up some parties or going out with friends, but aren’t these too familiar? How about going out fishing lobster in the Florida Keys? Sailing in the sea is fun, but when you are fishing, it becomes more exciting. 

Choosing a suitable fishing charter is essential. Otherwise, you waste your time and money. Islamorada Lobster Charter takes you to exciting places where you can enjoy catching lobsters. Don’t wait! Book your spot and make the most of your weekend.

Amazing Facts about lobster

Before you go lobster fishing, how about knowing a few amazing facts about lobsters? Do you know how large a lobster can grow? Don’t get misled by the size of lobsters you see in the market; these delicious crustaceans can grow as much as four feet and weigh up to 40 pounds. Here are a few more exciting facts about lobsters.

  • Lobsters can live several days without water if you keep them in a cool and moist environment.
  • Lobster blood is colorless
  • This aquatic animal can’t survive in freshwater
  • The lobster head includes a thorax that gets spoiled faster than the body. Removing the head ensures the lobster remains fresh for a longer period.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, lobsters can live for about 100 years.

What should you know about lobster fishing?

Catching lobster is exciting, but you should know how to do it correctly. Lobsters are bottom dwellers, and you can find them at the bottom of the sea. You need an underwater trap, known as the lobster pot. This trap should be baited with dead snails, crabs, or similar aquatic animals. Moreover, you will require a pair of heavy gloves.

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When is the best time for lobster fishing?

Lobster fishing is an excellent way to enjoy your free time, and the Florida Keys is the right place for that. You do, however, need to know when is the best time to catch this tasty delicacy. Lobster season starts on August 6 and goes until March 31 

Islamorada offers the best lobster charters in Florida. Book your spot at the earliest to enjoy a fun-filled trip.

Why choose the Islamorada lobster charter?

We have been in this business for a long time, and our crew ensures you enjoy the lobster season the most. Captain Adrian has an impeccable record of ensuring the safety of every member on the trip. He is a friendly individual who makes accommodations for people of all ages. Unlike other lobster charters, we accept the children in the boat and make sure they stay safe.

Enjoy lobster fishing with Islamorada Lobster Charter. Call us at (786) 709-8941

Lobster fishing is exciting, and we make sure you enjoy it the most. Book early to save on your Islamorada lobster charter experience. Contact us now.