Fishing For Wahoo In Islamorada

Think about high speed trolling, and the first thought to hit your mind would be fishing for wahoo in Islamorada. In the Florida Keys, this species is found year round in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. A great alternative to the King Mackerel with a slender body, the wahoo has razor sharp teeth like piranha. 

However, the Wahoo lover anglers often land in Islamorada and enjoy high speed trolling for wahoo. Are you excited about this adventurous high speed trolling? Whether you love catching wahoo from behind the boat or chase the blue runner at high speeds, GameChanger Fishing Charters are ready for you. Call our captain to learn more or schedule a booking online!

How To Fish For Wahoo In Islamorada?

When targeting this winter species, several wahoo fishing techniques can be leveraged. Unlike catching other species, these methods work best with high speed trolling—for Wahoo fish.

Fishing over structure and color change is essential. Also, the time of the day and fishing where the bait fish are sufficient can make a huge change. Two other equally successful strategies for trolling for wahoo focus on – high speed trolling vs. jigging and drifting under the floating debris. 

You can run offshore to weed line, rip, and edge in anywhere between 180 to 400 feet of water. Once you feel the wahoo under the trolling lure, pull the lure sitting behind the boat at speeds between 10 knots to 16 knots.

Where Is The Best Wahoo Fishing?

Some of the best wahoo fishing destinations occur on the Bahamas coast during the winter season and peak between February and March. These species weigh on average 45lbs, with other species caught from the 70lb category. You can undoubtedly catch enough wahoo for your limit on the Bahamas bank with high speed trolling.

While wahoos can be found from inshore water to well over 100 fathoms, they are preferably found in the depth of 30 to 40 fathoms. The vicious wahoo with razor sharp teeth give an exciting fight and provide constant adventure to the anglers. At GameChangers Fishing Charters, we can enhance this experience! Call today to book your Islamorada Fishing Tour

Fishing for Wahoo in Islamorada
Fishing for Wahoo in Islamorada

Techniques and Tips For Trolling For Wahoo

Troll the spoon on a plate about 50 feet down, at speed around 9 or 10 knots. You can either use 50 feet of 70-pound monofilament between the platter and the spoon but use the right bait to lure a big wahoo. 

If you are in the Florida Keys, fishing the Gulf of Mexico, the best time to catch wahoo is from dawn to early morning. Due to the lower light preference, you are recommended to use colorful wahoo trolling lures.

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